Project Lifesaver is a vital law enforcement program that helps find missing people and reunites them with their families or care givers. It is the nation's most effective rescue program with over 1,960 saves nationally and a 100% success rate. It is designed to help find missing adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer’s, Autism, Down Syndrome, Dementia and other related disorders.


The Bristol County Sheriff's Office has established the first Search & Rescue Unit (SAR) in Bristol County. Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson is proud to be the county coordinator of Project Lifesaver. Our department is actively recruiting and training law enforcement agencies throughout the county, including local police and fire departments with the goal of establishing local and regional search and rescue teams that can respond quickly to any area in Bristol County.


Project Lifesaver is a an innovative rapid response program designed specifically for families living with Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Down Syndrome, Autism, and related disorders. By using the most reliable technology available and specially trained personnel, Project Lifesaver teams can quickly locate and return wandering adults and children to their families or care givers. Participants of the Project Lifesaver program wear a personalized one-ounce battery operated wristband that emits a tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day. Each wristband has a unique radio frequency.

When someone in the program is reported missing, a search and rescue team responds to the area and starts searching with the mobile locator tracking system. Search times have been reduced from hours and days to minutes. In over 1,500 searches, there have been no reported serious injuries or deaths. Recovery times average less than 30 minutes.

If you would like more information about the Project Lifesaver Program or to enroll, please call:

Lt. Fernando Pimentel
Phone: 508-995-6400 EXT. 2180


Bristol County Sheriff's Office Address: 400 Faunce Corner Road, Dartmouth, MA 02747 Phone: 508.995.6400 Web: