10-16-13 Video Boston, MA – Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is interviewed by FOX 25 Boston: "What it's like behind bars." click here for the video feed.

10-3-13 Recent Photo Taunton, MA – The “R.U.O.K.” Program will now be offered to residents of Taunton. The "R.U.O.K." Program is a free daily telephone calling service provided by the Bristol County Sheriff's Office, in cooperation with the Police Department and the Department of Human Services. The program is designed for senior citizens, disabled persons, and shut-ins living in Bristol County. For more information, click here.

From Left to right: Director of Human Services Anne Bisson, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, Mayor Thomas Hoye, Taunton Police Chief Edward Walsh, and Officer John Munis.

9-11-13 Recent Photo FALL RIVER, MA – Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson speaks at a 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at Battleship Cove.
9-11 Battleship Cove Ceremony - ABC 6 TV News (ABC 6 News)
Battleship Cove ceremony pays tribute to lives lost (Herald News)
8-23-13 Recent Photo Dartmouth, MA – Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson and Regional President of the Azores Vasco Cordeiro sign an agreement of understanding pledging cooperation on deportation issues Friday in Dartmouth.
Azorean leader talks deportee strategy (Herald News)
Azorean president visits Bristol County Sheriff (Standard Times)
Hodgson, Azorean President Sign Immigration Agreement (WBSM)

8-14-13 Herald News

News Article: Inmates Clean Up

Bristol County House of Correction inmates help clean up Somerset end of Veterans Memorial Bridge


Click here to read the Herald News Story

Click here to learn more about the BCSO Inmate Work Crew Program

7-25-13 Recent Photo Dartmouth, MA – Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson signs a TRIAD Agreement with Police Chief Timothy Lee and Debra Ann Raymond, Director of the Council on Aging. TRIAD is a cooperative agreement between local law enforcement and older persons in the community working to reduce the criminal victimization of the elderly.

7-24-13 NECN

Inside Hernandez's life at Bristol County Jail

NECN went into a cell similar to Hernandez's. He has a bunk bed all to himself, a small sink/toilet combination, mirror, small desk, and a window with bars to the outside world.

Click here to read the NECN Story


7-16-13 Boston Globe

What it’s like for Hernandez in jail. Awaiting trial, former Patriot adjusts to the confines of incarceration.

“This is not the Ritz,” Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson said as he offered a tour of the restrictive conditions under which Aaron Hernandez now lives.

Click here to read the Boston Globe Story

7-9-13 Fox News Boston BOSTON (Fox) – Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson responds to Hernandez "Torture" allegations Fox TV Interview

6-10-13 Standard Times: No immigration reform without legitimate security

(Letter from Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson regarding immigration reform)


6-5-13 Fox News Boston

BOSTON (Fox) – Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson on Immigration Reform

Click here to watch the TV Interview


5-29-13 CBS: Dan Rea

BOSTON (CBS) – Most Americans admit that our immigration system is broken. Too many people fall through the cracks, and going through the proper channels has become such a long and arduous process that many don’t even bother...

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson has been in Washington working on the issue, and he sits down with Dan to talk about what he does and doesn’t like about the Senate’s potential plan.

Click here to listen to the audio stream


5-23-13 Fox Boston: Immigration

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson takes part in discussions about Immigration Reform in Washington D.C.

Click here to watch the video

5-23-13 New bill would treat 17-year-olds as juveniles Ch 10 Video

5-22-13 Broadside: Immigration debate

(NECN: Jim Braude) - Joining Jim Braude on “Broadside” Tuesday night to discuss immigration are Bristol, Mass., County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson and Sarang Sekhavat, of Mass Immigration Reform Advocacy (MIRA).

Click here to watch the video


5-15-13 Sheriff Hodgson Unhappy With Immigration Bill

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson is not a big fan of the latest Immigration Reform Bill making its way through Congress, even after attending a White House briefing Tuesday for law enforcement personnel

Click here listen to the WBSM Radio Recording



Sheriff Tom Hodgson of Bristol County Massachusetts discusses the issue of privacy and public records pertaining to the welfare received by the Marathon bombers and their families.

Click here listen to the WRKO Radio Recording

4-19-12 ABC NEWS - Immigration Reform in One Room, Bedbugs in Another
4-18-12 WBSM - Sheriff Hodgson Rips Immigration Bill
4-5-12 Standard Times - Sheriff's Department: Contract accepted, officers to vote on a new pact
4-4-12 Herald News - Bristol County correctional officers to petition union over stalled contract
4-4-12 Standard Times- Corrections union still at impasse
3-27-12 Herald News - Salary bump for Bristol County correctional officers still awaiting OK from union
3-25-12 WPRI - Sheriff signs contract for corrections - WPRI Providence
3-25-12 Standard Times - Hodgson approves salary bump for corrections officers; deal awaits union's OK
3-1-12 WPRI - Cops patrolling the 'Heroin Highway'
2-21-12 Herald News - Closing the Guards Pay Gap
2-20-12 Herald News - Bristol County correctional officers' pay may be about to align with the rest of the state
2-20-12 Taunton Gazette - Bristol County correctional officers' pay may be about to align with the rest of the state
2-20-12 Sun Chronicle - Corrections officers getting pay hike
2-20-12 Standard Times - Patrick signs $1.6 million bill for salary adustments in sheriff's department
2-13-12 Recent Photo - Students from Southeastern Regional Vocational High School who enrolled in the "Community Emergency Response Team" Program were awarded certificates for their accomplishments. 15 students graduated from the program.
1-24-12 NECN News - "Nanny charged with assault is an illegal immigrant" Sheriff Hodgson is interviewed in the NECN Newsroom.
1-22-12 Fox 25 News - "Should There Be An Investigation Into State Drug Lab?" Sheriff Hodgson is interviewed in the Fox 25 Newsroom.

12-26-12 New photo gallery featuring inmate work crews throughout Bristol County

The Bristol County Sheriff’s Community Work Program has been helping the communities of Bristol County for several years. The Sheriff's Program includes an Anti-Graffiti Unit, multiple paint crews, and a variety of work programs that save cities and towns thousands of dollars annually.

Click here to view the Community Work Program Photo Gallery

Click here to visit the Community Work Programs webpage

12-18-12 Unlikely classmates: UMD students, inmates learn from each other Standard Times News Article
12-16-12 College class brings together UMass Dartmouth students, Bristol County inmates Herald News Article

Recent Photo - A Law Enforcement Training Seminar was recently held at the Bristol County Sheriff's Office regarding Transnational Gangs, Drug Cartels and Terrorism. Various law enforcement agencies attended the event. Key speakers included:

  • Robert Najmulski, a Ret. Deputy Sheriff for Orange and Los Angeles Counties, & a Field Representative for the Federation For American Immigration Reform
  • Sgt. Richard Valdemar, Retired LASD, & International Gang Expert
12-10-12 Fox 25 News - "What Changes Need to Be Made to the Sex Offender Registry?" Sheriff Hodgson is interviewed in the Fox 25 Newsroom.
12-10-12 New Training Website: Click Here to view the new BCSO Training Division Website. Watch a video showing what recruits go through during an academy.
12-7-12 Bail Notification: Click Here For updated information on bail procedures and times.
10-23-12 Mail Information: Click here for updated information about sending mail to an inmate at the Dartmouth House of Correction, ICE, or the Ash Street Jail.
10-22-12 RECENT VIDEO Keller @Large: BOSTON (CBS) – The impact of the drug lab scandal on Bristol County was one of the topics WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller covered Sunday on “Keller @ Large” as he sat down with Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson. Click here to view the video
10-2-12 RECENT VIDEO: Sheriff Hodgson Threatens to Close Jail - FOX25 TV. Click here to view the video interview
10-2-12 Sheriff Hodgson takes aim at state, claims Bristol County lockup underfunded Click here for the Herald News Article.
10-2-12 Boston Globe: Bristol Sheriff threatens to close jail Click here for the Boston Globe Article.
10-2-12 Standard Times: Sheriff threatens to close regional lockup unless he gets more funds Click here for the Standard Times Article.
10-1-12 Boston Herald: Sheriff threatens lockup closing after funding cut Click here for the Boston Herald Article.
9-20-12 RECENT VIDEO: Inmate's sex change sparks prisoner rights debate; Sheriff Hodgson is interviewed on NECN TV. Click the image above to view.
9-18-12 RECENT VIDEO: Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is a keynote speaker at Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA)

9-17-12 Kosilek case outrage: Sheriff Thomas Hodgson reacts

(FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – The judge's decision over the weekend has renewed the outrage surrounding the Kosilek case. Watch the interview for more…

Click here to view the Fox 25 Video


9-11-12 Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is a keynote speaker at a ceremony marking the 11th anniversary of 9/11 (Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA)

Click here for a news article on the 9/11 Ceremony at Battleship Cove


9-10-12 Recent Photo: K9 Dog "Ryker" Graduates 16 Week Academy; Sheriff Awards Sgt. Paul Douglas.

Click here to visit our K9 Department Website


9-5-12 Sheriff Says Sex Change for Inmate 'Outrageous' and 'Unbelievable' (Fox 25 Boston)

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson says a taxpayer funded sex change for an inmate is outrageous.

Click here to watch the Fox 25 Video

8-28-12 RECENT PHOTO: Sheriff Thomas Hodgson recently met with Azorean President Carlos Manuel Martins do Vale César

8-20-12 US government launches new immigration program ( NECN TV)

(NECN TV) - Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson joined "The Morning Show" to discuss the controversial ruling.

Click here to watch the NECN Video

7-20-12 Sheriff's canines are 'vested' employees (Standard Times Article)
7-19-12 RECENT PHOTO: Vested Interest in K-9s Inc. is a non-profit fundraising organization dedicated to providing bullet and stab protective vests for law enforcement K-9′s throughout the United States. The organization recently donated 6 new canine protective vests to the Bristol County Sheriff's Office. From left to right are K9 Officers Gene Robinson, Sgt. Paul Douglas, Lt. Jeffrey Williams, Sandy Marcel from Vested Interest, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, Chris Medeiros and Brennan Bulgar.

Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. 2013 Calendar features Bristol County Sheriff’s Office K9 teams

Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. announces their 2013 color calendar featuring two K9 teams from the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office. The calendar is now on sale for $15.00 online and at select retailers. Proceeds from the sales will provide bullet and stab protective vests for police dogs actively working without the potentially life saving equipment.

Click here for a list of local retailers or to purchase a 2013 calendar online.

5-17-12 RECENT PHOTO: Sheriff Thomas Hodgson takes part in "Volunteer Appreciation Night" and recognized 23 individuals who volunteer their time to support our staff and inmate population. To the Sheriff's left is James Rioux, Volunteer Services Coordinator for the Bristol County Sheriff's Office. For more information about volunteer services, please click here.
5-15-12 Click here for a list of upcoming "IRIS" scannings in the community
5-15-12 Sheriff Hodgson Interviewed on Emily Rooney Show WGBH TV Video
5-15-12 Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson and Carol Rose, Executive Director of the ACLU, discuss Secure Communities NECN TV Video
5-15-12 Sheriff welcomes ICE, local officers sharing crime info Boston Herald
5-15-12 Inmates to fix Freetown Town Hall ramp, repaint lib... Herald News

5-9-12 Immigration Reform: Secure Communities to be activated in Mass.

(Fox News Boston) - Plymouth County Sheriff Joseph McDonald, Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis and Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson, all longtime supporters of Secure Communities, recently joined the FOX 25 Morning News.

Click here to watch Fox News Video

4-23-12 Inmate Brenda Costa (center) stands with members from the Partner's Village Store & Kitchen. The employees delivered boxes of books that were donated as part of "World Book Night." From left are Lisa Cusick, Deborah Brooke, Inmate Brenda Costa, Jan Hall and Debbie Torre. (Click here for the full story on Herald News)

4-10-12 Should fingerprints be passed along to FBI? NECN TV

(NECN TV) - Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, who is for Secure Communities, joined "The Morning Show" to discuss the issue.

Click here to watch the NECN Video


Law Enforcement Training Seminar:

Topic: Hate In America Today and the Sovereign Citizen Movement

June 20th, 2012; 8am-3pm

Bristol County Sheriff's Office, 400 Faunce Corner Road. North Dartmouth, MA

Pre-Registration Required: (Download Form)

5-9-12 Despite Local Opposition, Secure Communities To Expand (WBUR)
5-9-12 Secure Communities coming to Massachusetts (Fox News Boston)
5-9-12 Feds mandate Secure Communities in Mass. (Boston Herald)
5-9-12 Secure Communities program to combat illegal... (Taunton Gazette)
5-9-12 Hodgson hails federal decision to launch Secure... (SouthCoastToday)
5-8-12 Secure Communities Act launches in Massachusetts (Herald News)
5-4-12 Sheriff Hodgson stresses the importance of fatherhood in society (South Coast Today.com Video Interview)
Hodgson irked by House's rejection to charge inmates $5 (Herald News)
Hodgson considering statewide referendum for $5 fee (Standard Times)
Sheriff Tom Hodgson discusses loss of inmate fee (Wicked Local Online Video)
Inmate fee rejected - Fox 25 News Boston (Fox 25 Boston Video Link)
4-25-12 The Price Of Prison - Howie Carr Radio Interview (Radio Interview)
3-22-12 NEW WEBSITE: BCSO K9 Division (Click here to enter the K9 website)
3-19-12 RECENT PHOTO: Inmates in the BCSO Work Program paint the exterior of the Seekonk Housing Authority
3-7-12 VIDEO CLIP: Inmates in the BCSO Therapeutic Music Program perform for other inmates and staff (Youtube Video)
Charging Inmates: Legislature Denies Proposal - Fox Boston (Fox Boston)
4-3-12 Senator Scott Brown meets with Sheriff Thomas Hodgson to discuss Secure Communities (Click here for streaming video link)

2-21-12 Immigration Reform: Push for Secure Communities

(FOX 25/MyFoxBoston.com) - The illegal immigration debate is heating up again following the arrest of a suspected illegal immigrant in Milford for a stabbing. Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is interviewed in the Fox 25 Studio.

Click here to watch the FOX 25 Video

10-24-11 Sheriff Hodgson Answers Your Questions - FOX Click here for media

10-24-11 Sheriff Hodgson Interview on Fox 25 Boston:

Fox 25 News: Massachusetts and Secure Communities

Click here to watch the FOX 25 Video

12-28-11 Bristol County's New Police Dogs ... (Standard Times News Article)
10-5-11 FOX: Governor Rejects Secure Communities... Click here for media
10-5-11 Your View: Editorial misrepresented Sheriff's... Click here for media
9-30-11 WJAR Channel 10: Sheriff Hodgson Interview. Click here for media
9-29-11 Daily Item: Sheriffs Push to Deport Illegal... Click here for media
9-28-11 WGBH Boston: Illegal Immigration Crackdown. Click here for media
Department News: "Request to Visit" & "Minor Request" forms, as well as policies and procedures now available online. Visitor Information Center
9-28-11 CBS Boston: Activists Disrupt Sheriffs’ Immigration News Conference. Click here for media
9-28-11 Boston Herald: Protests, Heckling as Sheriffs Denounce Illegal Aliens. Click here for media
9-28-11 WHDH TV Channel 7: Sheriffs Gather on Beacon Hill for Immigration Change. Click here for media
9-28-11 WCVB Channel 5: Lawmen Want Reforms, Barriers To Illegal Aliens. Click here for media
9-28-11 NECN TV: Mass. Immigration Debate Heats Up. Click here for media
9-28-11 NECN: Immigration Debate Continues. Click here for media
9-27-11 Broadside: Debate Heats Up at State House and on Police Lines. Click here for media
9-27-11 WHDH-TV Channel 7: Sheriffs Call For Immigration Change in Mass. Click here for media
9-27-11 WCVB-TV: Mass. Sheriffs Tackle Immigration Laws Without Patrick. Click here for media

9-21-11 Sheriff Hodgson Interview on Fox News

Fox 25 News: Rent for Prisoners

Click here to watch the FOX TV Video


8-30-11 Sheriff Hodgson Interview on WHDH TV Channel 7

Milford victim killed by alleged drunk driver laid to rest.

Click here to watch the WHDH Channel 7 Video


8-26-11 Sheriff Hodgson on WSAR 1480 AM RADIO

Sheriff Hodgson on the Alex Stylos Show

Click here to listen to the WSAR Feed


8-24-11 Sheriff Hodgson Interview on Fox 25 Regarding Secure Communities

Sheriff Hodgson on Fox 25 News in Boston

Click here to view the Fox 25 video


8-17-11 Sheriff Hodgson Interview on National Radio: Laura Ingraham Show

Sheriff Hodgson is interviewed by Laura Ingraham regarding immigration...

Click here to download audio file (mp3)


8-16-11 Herald News: Inmate Garden Program

Fall River Herald News: Gardening provides hope, a hobby for inmates at women's jail. Read more:

Click here for the full news article


8-14-11 WJAR 10 TV: Sheriff Hodgson

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson is defying Gov. Deval Patrick on a controversial illegal immigration crackdown.

Click here for a video feed on WJAR 10


8-11-11 Boston Herald: Top Cops: Illegal Alien Cons Must Go

(2 Sheriffs Ignore Governor, Seek To Boot Criminals)

Click here for the full news article


FENWAY PARK The Bristol County Sheriff's Office Honor Guard was recently selected to Present the Colors at a Red Sox Game.

Fenway Park, Boston, MA August 27th, 2011 (Click here for more photographs)

RECENT PHOTO 9-19-11 Mac Bledsoe, father of former Patriots Player Drew Bledsoe, speaks to staff members at the Darmouth House of Correction. A career schoolteacher and coach of 31 years, Mr. Bledsoe has the gift of communicating with both parents and young people. He is the founder of "Parenting with Dignity," an program that promotes good parenting skills across the country.
6-1-11 VIDEO CLIP: Inmates in the Bristol County House of Correction - Therapeutic Music Program perform for other inmates and staff (Youtube Video)
6-2-11 RECENT PHOTO: Inmates from the Bristol County House of Correction Work Program help to transfer cases of water to Somerset residents who have been affected by the townwide water ban. (Herald News Article)
5-3-11 Bristol County Sheriff Hodgson: Bin Laden's Death a Display of American Resolve. Click here for full story: (Herald News Article)
5-23-11 RECENT PHOTO: A Memorial Service is held honoring all officers and staff who have died while employed by the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office.
3-21-11 Sheriff Hodgson speaks with Howie Carr (Click here for audio clip)
1-5-11 Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson was sworn into office on January 5th for his third term. Video Clips Online News Article: News Article
Department News: Peaceworks is joint collaboration between the Boys & Girls Club, The Sheriff's Office, and Umass Dartmouth. (nbpeaceworks.org)
7-29-10: Certificate of Appreciation, ICE Translation: (My Backyard News)
7-28-10: Taunton kids Catalogued for Safety’s Sake: (Taunton Gazette)
7-20-10: Inmates Save Attleboro Cash - The Sun Chronicle: (Full Web Story)
7-20-10: Release: The United States Attorney's Office: (Press Release)
7-20-10: (FBI) Department of Justice Press Release: (FBI Press Release)
7-19-10: Sheriff Hodgson on "Fox & Friends": (Fox News Television - Video)
7-13-10: Sheriff Wants to Do Away With Prisoner Pay: (WBZ Radio)
News Video: Sheriff wants to cut inmate wages - Fox TV: (Fox News Boston)
News Video: Sheriff wants to stop paying prisoners: (Turn to 10 TV, RI)
News Video: NECN Broadside: Charging inmates (NECN Television - Video)
4-25-11 Kenneth Scarborough, Pastor of Somerset Baptist and Career Specialist in our Work Readiness Program, has passed away. (More Info)
12-24-10 Inmates from the Dartmouth Women's Center take part in the new Therapeutic Music Program. Christmas Performance at DWC 12-17-10
8-26-10 Inmates Paint Attleboro Police Station Interior: (The Sun Chronicle)
11-24-10 Inmates from the Dartmouth House of Correction Assembled 450 Food Boxes and bags at the Salvation Army, 619 Purchase St., New Bedford. The boxes were distributed to the less fortunate for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
9-28-10 Ch10: Sheriff Hodgson is interviewed about bullying: (WJAR Ch 10)
9-1-10 Agreement Signed: North Attleboro Triad Program: (Sun Chronicle)
8-26-10 Anti-Bully Conference at Sheriff's Department: (Standard Times)
8-26-10 Anti-Bully Conference at Sheriff's Department: (FR Herald News)
Sheriff Hodgson meets with Timothy Smith of Troop 170 in Dartmouth

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) is offering personal preparedness tips for all citizens:

Recent News: Dartmouth Police Department Joins SCAT Program
Sheriff Presides at Graduation Exercise for New Class of Officers
Featured Story: Remembering A K9 Partner (Newspaper Article)
H1N1 Information
Department News: NB Voc-Tech students join BCSO to provide IRIS scanning to residents at Fairhaven Senior Center (Click here for more information)
Miss Massachusetts Donates Books to Inmate Storybook Program (Link)
Department News: 1-31-10: Due to the overwhelming support of the Haiti Relief Project, the Sheriff's Department will cease accepting donations on 1-31-10. (Click here for more information)

Sheriff Hodgson Recognizes Community Service of Voc-Tech Students
Sheriff Hodgson Donates Department Boat to Swansea Police (video)


(1-17-10) Haiti Relief Effort - Local Law Enforcement


Department News: 12-22-09: Bishop Coleman visits Dartmouth House of Correction; Christmas Mass for Inmates (Click here for more information)

Department News: 12-10-09: Sheriff's Department supports Gun Prevention Presentation at Keith High School (Click here for more information)

Internet Safety: 12-9-09: Internet Crimes Against Children - Bristol County Sheriff's Office is now an affiliate of ICAC (Click here for more information)

11-20-09 H1N1 Resources & Links; How To Protect You and Your Family (Click here for more information)

10-5-09: Inmate Industries Program Recognized For Wood Refinishing And Carpentry Program (Click here for a local newspaper article)

10-2-09: "Debt to Society" An article Regarding Sheriff Hodgson's $5 "Pay to Stay" Program (Fall River Herald News, October 2, 2009)

9-30-09: State's High Court Intervenes, Will Hear Sheriff's $5-a-Day Fee Argument (New Bedford Standard Times)

9-9-09: Bristol County Correctional Officer Kevin Coelho Recognized For Intervention In Home Invasion (Click here for a local newspaper article)








The K-9 Unit is pleased to annouce a $5,000 donation (Full Story)
The Bristol County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit is pleased to announce a $5,000 donation from Del Monte Pet Products and Milk-Bone in partnership with Stop & Shop towards the purchase of a new police dog. This donation is part of an on-going effort to support local law enforcement and security preparedness nationwide.
Thirty representatives of the area's criminal justice and social service agencies came together on Thursday at the Bristol County Jail and House of Correction for the introductory session of Reclaiming Futures, an approach aimed at giving adolescents with drug problems the support they need to stay out of jail and lead successful lives...
“Death caused by overdoses of heroin and other opioids, such as oxycontin, rose more than 7 percent per year from 2000-2006 in Massachusetts. 2/3 of all poisonings reported to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) during 2006 were the result of opioid overdoses...
The word "hero" gets a bit threadbare from overuse, but I believe that there is no other way to describe the men and women charged with the care and custody of the inmates in the penal institutions of this country....
The 13-day odyssey in which Anthony Fly, an alleged multiple rapist, tried to flee from the inevitable ended last Monday only a few miles from where it began when he was apprehended while hitchhiking with $800 in his pocket on Route 6 in Westport.
DARTMOUTH - The Commission on Accreditation for Corrections has awarded accreditation to the Bristol County House of Correction according to an announcement sent to Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson by...
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