Cell Phone Program

It seems everywhere you look lately someone is talking on a cell phone.  Once considered a luxury, these little devices have become a staple in our society.

Whether you’re calling friends to let them know you’re running late or checking in with the kids from the road, cell phones have become the ultimate in convenience, and for some people a cell phone can save their life.


“Betty” was on her way to see her doctor in Boston when her car broke down.  She didn’t have a cell phone and had no way of calling for help.  “Carol” is a victim of domestic violence.  Sometimes it’s impossible to use the house phone to call for help.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson has heard these stories and is kicking off a new program that will help seniors in these situations.  “I am constantly looking for ways to help seniors who have spent their lives helping others,” says Hodgson.

Through the Emergency 911 Cell Phone program the Bristol County Sheriff’s office collects used cell phones at various locations throughout the county.  The BCSO has partnered with RMS Communications, a Florida based communications group that specializes in the recycling and remarketing of old cell phones.  The sheriff’s office mails collected phones to the company’s 911 Cell Phone Bank program.  In turn, the company converts the donated phones for emergency 911 use.  The sheriff’s office then receives a 911 cell phone that has been tested and packaged with an extra battery and a charger.


Tina Marie LePage

Manager of Public Programs

Phone: 508.995.6400 ext 2176



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