I-Parent Program:

The Bristol County Sheriff's Office routinely sponsors events that educate parents about the dangers of the internet and technology, based on the "i-Parent Program."
In most cases, kids know more about the Internet and new technology than their parents. That is why i-SAFE launched the i-PARENT Campaign, a nationwide movement of students, parents, educators and public officials to inform parents about how best to keep their children safe online. Parents can and should be vigilant about taking an interest in their children's online life and being aware of where their children go online.
Of course that's sound advice, but does interest and concern alone translate into sophisticated, safe and responsible online behavior when the same child accesses the Internet at a friend's house or from a cell phone when away from home? The U.S. Congress and state legislatures across the country are increasingly turning to schools as the best option, passing laws that mandate e-Safety lessons be taught in their classrooms.



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